Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in Lolita.

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in Lolita.

1. The first thing I would say it hat fact that it’s so expensive. And especially if you live over seas you have to pay quite a bit more for shipping. If you’re unlucky extra costs at customs will be added to that. When at last you receive your bill stating you have to pay even more than the original price for that pretty dress. That’s not something you want. But hey those are the risks which a lot of loli’s are committed to take.

2. I hate it when I get the question “hey where did you buy your outfit?” or “which brand is that OP?” I just boil over at such moments. Like what do I care what brand it is, it’s pretty and I like it. Just because it’s brand doesn’t make it any better than it is. Takes us back to he real world where you get teased if your not wearing ‘Levi’s’ jeans, or strutting in your ‘Gucci’ assessorial bag. I just hate how people criticise and make others unhappy that buy off brand. It’s really not necessary. I’m proud to wear off brand, and I feel pretty and look pretty in them!

3. When living overseas you will purchase mostly everything through the internet unless if your lucky and there is a shop in your area. The disadvantage about this is you never know if it will fit, what actually looks and feels like, you cannot inspect if for flaws, and returning it, should it not fit, is such a hassle and again costs a lot of money. I would prefer to try the clothing on to see if it fits/suits me. Plus it’s easier to find the style that fits to you.

4. Sizing! I am aware that there are a lot of loli’s out there that are a bigger than the standard ‘one size fits all’ theory. And a lot of the clothing is made it just one size and these are mostly Japanese clothing measurements. As we know Japanese girls are mostly thin, flat chested and small (no offence to any Japanese people, really). A lot of the European/ American girls are different in size and proportions. It’s a shame that a lot of them miss out on the beautiful clothing. Even though they really want to wear it and degrade themselves about being to big. I am aware that there are a few size up clothing sites which is great but still for the bigger brands, if you’re a brand buyer, most clothing keeps to the standard sizes.

5. I hate it when I go out wearing Lolita I get comments and looks thrown at me. A lot is positive, but some is just so inappropriate and hurting. For instance going on the bus and everyone (and I mean everyone) stares at you from head to toe several times. And so you go to sit down and you see and group of people your age looking over and laughing and giving quiet comments about that I must be on my way to a carnival or just plain weird. I mean I see enough people that badly dressed and they don’t get this kind of attention but as soon as a girl in a dress enters it’s seen as weird. I try not to let it discourage me. I at least know I’m being myself and love it. I just don’t want that hassle.

6. One thing I’ve noticed about being amoung Lolita’s is that everyone keeps an eye on you and keep giving you feedback on what you wear. Which is cute and all but it's not always neccessary (as in it gets annoying).

I can't think any more at the moment, it just shows it doesn't have so many down sides.:)

Thanks for reading!;)

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